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Solar since 2008

We have been installing Solar Systems since 2008.

We started specialising in Solar Pumping in 2012

Red Energy Pumps is all about innovating solutions that doesn't cost a fortune.
Innovating products shouldn't be out of reach for most people.
True Innovation should drive costs down - producing solutions for everyone, not just a select few.

We started by installing Solar Geysers in 2008, the Solar Market being still in its infancy at that stage.
Our first Solar Power System was installed in 2009.
Our first Solar Pump was installed in 2010.
Our Innovating Designs were well accepted in the Solar Pumps Market, and that's why our focus moved to Solar Pumping.

VSD based Solar Pumps run any AC Pump, making the scope unlimited in terms of size and application
DC Borehole Pumps are Special Pumps designed to run from Solar at a lower Cost

Integrity means we will never over promise and under deliver.
If our system doesn't meet what we've promised we will upgrade the system at our cost to ensure it meets expectations.


We do installations all over Africa


Our Systems are Plug & Play so perfectly suited for a DIY enthusiast

Recent installations

Successful installations

Solar Pump Delivering 25kl/day @ 180m Head

4kW Solar Borehole Pump System

Solar Pump Delivering 28kl/day @ 70m head

1.5kW Solar Borehole Pump Installation

Solar Pump Delivering 12kl/day @ 50m

0.55kW Solar Pump System to replace Windmill


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Botswana +267 311 3778
South africa +2712 004 1116
botswana address Plot 157
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South africa address 590 Vacy Lyle Street
botswana email doctor@redenergypumps.com
South africa email jakes@redenergypumps.com